In times of today where stress and worries abound for so many responsibilities to face at work, with children, studies, economic situation and diseases, we need to dedicate time for ourselves in some way and invest in our health to avoid consequences counterproductive  

Massage  has been used over time for the many benefits it offers, the goal of a good massage reflexology and reiki treatment is  to combat stress, preventing the negative effects it produces in our body.

Benefits of massages it  relieves emotional stress,  and relaxes muscles, as it increases blood circulation, eliminating waste products accumulated in the bloodstream.

At the level of the circulatory system, it reduces the heart rate and lowers blood pressure. The person experiences a feeling of calm and tranquility. It diminishes the pains, when improving the circulation of the blood the nutrients and the oxygen arrive more quickly to the needed zones. Reduces inflammation and improves wound healing.

The contact of the Masseur ‘s hand with our body provides comfort, also regulates and relieves psycho-physical tension,  It gives greater elasticity to the skin, it becomes smooth and soft.

In the digestive system increase gastric secretions, improving stomach and intestinal problems. Strengthens the immune system, to have better and greater blood circulation in the body, detoxifies and thanks to it can deal with diseases more effectively.

During a good massage treatment every area of the body is assessed and massaged

Stress and nerve tension  generally affect the neck and back, while the waist is mostly affected by bad movements, or by carrying inadequate weights

Your Health is Priceless , Get a great treatment don’t postpone your aches and pains , book your appointment now.