Take care of your health get rid of the Stress !!

Stress is one of the major causes of health issues and one of the most common one is
-Male Dysfunction

What are the causes and Risk of this condition ?

It is a problems which frequency increases with age , but it is not necessarily a consequence of aging .
Roughly a high number of males suffer from Male Dysfunction which is considered a Medical problem if it last for more than 3 months .

This Condition can cause changes in your lives creating sometimes depression and unhappy relationships.

Stress can also contribute to the following

Diabetes, caused by abnormalities in the production or use of insulin in the body
Hyperthyroidism or a high level of thyroid hormones
Hypothyroidism  or a low level of thyroid hormones
Hypogonadism  or a low level of Testosterone

You need to go to the root of the problem and find out what is creating the stress which is normally at work or unhappy daily situations.
Reflexology combined with Massage and Reiki detoxify your body , balance your organs .
You will feel relieved like a new person with more energy to move around and do things .
Do not postpone your agony , try it you will see  immediate great results


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